A Different Approach to Lent

Maintaining your faith in college can be especially challenging due to our busy schedules and cluttered minds filled with what should get done next. One of the great things about Saint Vincent College is having the ability to go to mass daily, as well as meditate and pray in either our student chapel or basilica. On top of finding time for mass and prayer, trying to keep up with Lent can be hard thing to do. If you are like me, whenever I say I am giving something up for Lent, whether it be food or activity, I find myself never being able to stick with it.


This year, I decided I was going to do something a little different for Lent. Instead of giving something up, I am going to start doing more. If you are like me, I always find a way to take a situation and automatically think negatively about it. I have been telling myself that I needed to change this for such a long time, but like always, I never got around to it. So, for Lent, I decided that each day I was going to right one thing that made me smile, feel good, or just reminds me of how blessed I am. It can be so hard to realize that we are surrounded by so much good when we focus on one little bad thing that can fill our minds.


Whether you are Catholic and participate in Lent, or you are having trouble trying to keep positive, keep a journal and write down the things that you experience throughout your day that make you happy – no matter how big or small those things are.