Creativity in the Caf

When you first arrive to SVC it might seem like all your food dreams have come true. Pizza, hot dogs, burgers, and grilled cheese every day? Life couldn’t be better right? Wrong, once you hit your second semester of freshman year, the food reality starts to hit: You need something different. So here are ten ways to get creative in the caf to spice up that everyday food. 


1. Have you ever found yourself craving Kennywood’s potato patch fries? Well now you can make your very own potato patch fries in the caf! Just grab a basket of fries from the grill and then head over to the salad bar to top them with nacho cheese and bacon bits. 


2. Craving mac and cheese before Mac Fridays? Have no fear, you can make your own Mac instantly. Head over to the pizza station and get yourself a nice bowl of pasta. Then make your way over to the salad bar to add nacho cheese and as much shredded cheese as you please. Finally stick that in the microwave and you’ve got yourself a steaming bowl of mac whatever day you please. 




3. Dessert bar just not meeting your standards? Well since the waffle maker is running full time every day, you can go on over and make yourself a waffle. But wait, the fun doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve made your waffle you can head back to the ice cream cooler and top it off with your favorite flavor of ice cream and toppings. This idea will surely spice up your dessert choices in the caf. 


4. Want another dessert option? How about a milkshake? Well in the caf making a milkshake is simpler than it seems. Just put your favorite ice cream flavor in a cup, add some milk and possible toppings. Stir all those wonderful ingredients together and tada you’ve made yourself a milkshake. 



5. Craving something salty yet sweet? Look no further than the wonderful concoction of peanut butter and granola. First grab yourself a bowl from the cereal station and add milk and then head to the back to get some granola and peanut butter. Stir it all together and you’ve got yourself a semi-healthy sweet and salty treat. 


6. Want to get into coffee but it’s just too strong for you? Have no fear, simple head over to the coffee station, grab a cup fill it three-fourths of the way with coffee, add your choice 

of whole milk or half and half and then spoon in hot chocolate powder and top it off with some mini marshmallows. And there you have it your very own mocha coffee. 


7. Tired of the same old boring alfredo pasta from the pizza bar? Well grab some pasta and top it with alfredo and take your plate over to the salad bar to spice it up. It’s like your own pastabilities creation: veggies, meat, whatever you please to top it off. 

8. Craving Totino's pizza bagels? Well head over to the toaster and grab a plain bagel, toast it if you like then go to the pizza bar. Top it off with sauce and head over to the salad bar for shredded cheese of your choice. Pop that in the microwave and you’ve got yourself a pizza bagel. 


9. Wanna spice up your sandwich creations at the deli? Try an Italian sandwich: provolone cheese, ham, and salami. Then if you want to get even more creative grab some marinara sauce from the pizza bar to dip it in, it’s like a personal stromboli. 


10. Running out of ideas on how to spice up your salad? Try making a taco salad. Head on over to the salad bar and top your salad with tomatoes, shredded cheese and meat of your liking, and finally top it off with crunched up tortilla chips and nacho cheese.