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Spring Break Slump?

With Spring Break right around the corner, it’s easy to get into a slump. If you’re like me this slump sometimes even translates into your everyday wardrobe around campus. Check out these tips on how to dress cute but comfy to get you over the hump!

            One of my personal favorite go-to’s is the simple cardigan and leggings look. It’s casual, comfy, and cute! The best part is, minimal effort is required to keep you looking fresh and stress free all day. (Optional pieces: iced coffee.)


For those of you who have a bit of a hipster trapped inside their body, try this ensemble! I love this slouchy yet feminine look. Flannels and beanies are a must for every closet!


On days when you have a bit more energy… try the oversized sweater! Bonus points if you add the ripped jeans. It’s the perfect way to show the fun side of your personality. Try adding lots of accessories to this look to complement you. 

Have about a million things to do today and running on fumes? Maybe even just into the athleisure look? Then this outfit is for you. Featured here is a simple combo of an athletic fit hoodie, spandex, and bright tennis shoes for a pop of color! I love this look because it’s so easy to pair with a hat and glasses to hide any bad hair day or the sleepiest of eyes!

Last up for our prep styled readers, is the long sleeve shirt, leggings, fuzzy sock, and loafer option. It’s such a relaxed look, sure to ensure the comfiest of days. I love this look because it gives you that classic college gal styled look. Bonus points if you style it with a hat, duck boots, or even vest. 


P.S. Check out our Pinterest Page for some other awesome looks :)

Lisa Mason is currently a Junior Marketing major with a minor in Management. She is a member of Activities Programming Board, Women in Business, Singers, and works as an Admissions Ambassador at Saint Vincent College. Since she has a passion for meeting and helping others; she hopes to use her field of Marketing to become a professor as well as become a Marketing Manager of a firm someday in a major city. You can find her enjoying time with her friends, drinking salted caramel cappuccinos, or blogging. Also, it wouldn't be the craziest thing in the world to say that she is a Netflix, caffeine, and retail therapy enthusiast. Follow her on Instagram: masonjar_17 and check out her blog at http://youngandtwenty.blogspot.com/.
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