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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Vincent chapter.

If you’re like me, fashion is not your strong suit. I have never been the one to have many good outfits, probably because I grew up wearing a uniform every day from preschool until coming to college. I was either in a uniform or athletic clothes for practices and hanging around the house and I really missed out on the opportunity to become fashionable. But that’s okay because we all have our own style that makes us who we are!

If you feel like this, don’t worry you’re not alone! I know the fall and winter months are all about sweaters, jeans, boots, etc., but us girls who have not the slightest clue, here’s some go-to options to keep ready in your closet for the cool months ahead!


1. Big Sweatshirts & Vests

I don’t know about you, but these are my best friends! I own more sweatshirts than the average person and it’s a struggle to decide which one to wear every morning. One way I have recently discovered to accessorize a plain sweatshirt is with a vest! Not only do they help keep you warm, but they add more style too! My number one thing I have to have in an outfit is comfort, and these two options will definitely get checked off the list!


2. Scarves on Scarves

If you relate to any of this, you’ll know that a jewelry collection in your room is non-existent. I always find myself asking friends for necklaces in the warmer months when I am wearing a nice outfit for a special occasion or job interview. But, the best part about fall and winter is being able to throw on an infinity or blanket scarf as an acceptable accessory for any top you wear … even your favorite sweatshirt!


3. Leggings, Leggings, and More Leggings!

The only two options for pants in my life are shorts or leggings. It’s always so hard for me to find a comfortable pair of jeans that I actually don’t mind wearing throughout the day. There are some occasions that you will find me in jeans, but in the cool months my go-to is always leggings. You just can’t go wrong — they work with sweatshirts, short-sleeves, long-sleeves, sweaters, anything. The possibilities are endless with your favorite pair of leggings!


4. Uggs Will Always Be In

Yes, I know Uggs are considered to be “out of style”, but my basic light brown pair from 8th grade still get the job done. No matter what, I always find my Uggs and leggings to be the best combination to keep my lower body warm, which is quite honestly the most important thing! Don’t be ashamed of your Uggs … they will always be there to keep you warm and fit every outfit you wear!


5. Messy Hair, Don’t Care

Along with not being fashionable in my clothing choices, my hair is in the same boat. I normally let my hair go naturally or tie it back when it gets in the way. The best part about the cool weather is pairing your comfy outfit and scarf with a signature messy bun. This hairstyle never lets me down, even if you have a nice outfit picked out and you just can’t decide how to do your hair. Never forget your hidden option … a messy bun!

So, ladies, if you’re like me, don’t be ashamed of your comfy nature … our season is here! Never let yourself get discouraged if you don’t follow fashion trends or think your outfit is cute/acceptable. Always remember that no matter what you think you look like, you are always beautiful!




Samantha Kenjorski

St Vincent '20

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