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Claire Jackman

Name: Claire Jackman 

Class Year: 2018 

Birthday: 3/1/1996 

Major: Biology 


Her Campus (HC): Hey there! We’re so excited to be interviewing you. At Her Campus, we want to make sure we can share all the awesome things about you to our readers. I’ve compiled some questions for you to answer, are you ready? 


Claire Jackman (CJ): Here goes nothing! 

(HC): We’ll start with the scary question… Since you’re a senior and graduation is less than 100 days away, what’re your plans for after graduation? 


(CJ): I’m in the process of interviewing for doctoral programs for Psychology in the area of Behavioral Neuroscience. It’s a fun but very intimidating process! This time right now is bitter sweet because I’ve loved my life here at Saint Vincent, but I’m also excited to see where I end up after graduation! 



(HC): What’s been your best Saint Vincent memory? 


(CJ): My favorite Saint Vincent memory was this last Wimmerfest celebration! I was the 2017 SGA President, so my duty was to make sure Melvin Platz lit up after the fireworks ended. The senate had put so much time into making it perfect, and I was a nervous wreck thinking that something was bound to go wrong. But everything turned on beautifully, and I literally cried. 


(HC): Do you have any advice for the juniors as they move slowly into their senior year? 


(CJ): Do as many things with your friends as you can. Don’t let weekends go to waste because pretty soon, you’ll be living on your own and you won’t get to see your friends every second of every day. That’s what I know I’ll miss the most once I graduate. Oh, and study hard. 


(HC): Is there anything you would have done differently in your time at Saint Vincent? 


(CJ): If I could go back to the beginning of freshman year, I would try to be more relaxed and comfortable with myself. It wasn’t until junior year when I truly started to be confident and push myself out of my comfort zone when it came to making new friends, connecting with professors, and taking advantage of the opportunities Saint Vincent can provide. 



(HC): Who’s your favorite girl boss of the modern age? What about someone that has already left their legacy? 


(CJ): I loved Emma Watson as Hermione Granger when I was younger, and I love her even more now! Her #HeForShe movement is bringing a lot of awareness to the importance of gender equality. My pick for my favorite OG girl boss would be Clara Barton. She was a Civil Rights activist, founder of the American Red Cross, and aided in the women’s suffrage movement—what is there not to love about her? 


(HC): In the world of judgement after everything, how do you stay true to yourself? 


(CJ): I keep myself busy doing the things I enjoy. I also think about how no one is an expert on life; we are all just going through it trying to do the best we can. Sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes people don’t understand why we do things the way we do. As long as I’m doing my best, I can take other’s judgements with a grain of salt.

Juli Cehula

St Vincent '18

Hello there! I am the Campus Correspondent of the Her Campus chapter at Saint Vincent College. As a senior psychology major, I've made the most of my time in undergrad and am excited for all the doors I have opening ahead of me. I can definitely thank Her Campus for giving me invaluable skills. As a future psychologist, I hope that my articles (and the chapter's) are able to make you feel empowered, motivate you to start a conversation, and be kind. As a hero of mine has said, "If you do not take control over your time and your life, other people will gobble it up. If you don't prioritize yourself, you constantly start falling lower and lower on your list."- Michelle Obama. Be the change you want to see in the world, and smile. Always smile!
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