Capturing an Ending

After graduating from high school people often struggle to keep in touch with their old friends. During my experience at Bishop Canevin, I developed close friendships with my basketball team. Some of these friendships were with classmates and others whom were younger than me. Regardless of the distance, I promised my younger friends that I would come back to support and watch their games. But after moving into a new environment and venturing to find myself, I found it difficult to find the time to see them.

Luckily, I got the chance this past week to see these girls that I’ve missed so much. I was given the opportunity by videographer Mike Gallagher to shoot photos of my former teammates in their last game of the season. The game was on Tuesday night at 6 o’clock against opponent Everett High School and the neutral location of the game was at Hempfield High School. My college is only twenty minutes away from the location, so I decided to surprise the girls and show up with my camera.

At approximately 5 o’clock, the team bus rolled into the parking lot and I rushed to the door with my camera. The girls were ecstatic to see me and quickly threw up poses while exiting the bus. Game time was looming, and the girls began to warm up and shoot some shots. Soon enough the jump ball was thrown into the air and action began. The game seemed to be a blow-out after the first half. Bishop Canevin was losing by 12 and all of the starters were in serious foul trouble. The only hope was to rest during half time and regroup. In the third quarter the Crusaders came out on fire and cut the lead completely. The bench was jumping and screaming to every Canevin basket made from there on out. The fourth quarter quickly snuck up and decided the fate of both teams. The lead jumped back and forth, and the crowds were loud and full of spirit even until after the final buzzer. The Bishop Canevin Lady Crusaders had fallen 49-42 to Everett High School.

The team and fans were utterly crushed. There was an abundant number of tears and screams from the senior players. I rushed to their sides and followed them into the locker room. I put down my camera and comforted my friends. I knew exactly how they felt to play their last high school game and lose. I knew there wasn’t anything that I could do to take away these emotions. But I did know that I was meant to be there to capture one of the most emotional days of their lives.

I wanted to make sure that I captured every moment from that game, so the girls could have a memory to look back on. Throughout the game I snapped every shot, dribble, and interaction between the teammates. I collected close-ups of the huddles, captains, and tears shed. But sadly, the game came to an end, the players took off their jerseys, and I had to flip the switch to shut off the camera.