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Hometown: Uniontown, Pennsylvania

Year: junior

Major: engineering   

Activities: intramural softball, dodge ball and soccer, engineering club and physics club     

Relationship Status: taken

Her Campus (HC): Hi Nick! You’ve been chosen as this week’s Campus Cutie! I have some things to ask you that way Saint Vincent can get to know you even better!

Nick Ezzi (NE): “What an honor! Hopefully you don’t ask anything too embarrassing.”

HC: Okay, so you’re off the market. What do you love about your relationship?   

NE: “Well, I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a year. I love that Juli and I can do anything together, whether it is going to a concert, Pittsburgh sporting event or even just relaxing we always find something new and exciting to do. She always makes me smile and we have the best time together.”

HC: Do you have any relationship advice for those seeking to find love?

NE: “My relationship advice would be to always make room for compromise. You cannot always have everything that you will want in a relationship and you must communicate with each other to be happy!”

HC: What are your hobbies?

NE: “My hobbies include boating at Cheat Lake in the summer, intramural softball and dodge ball and skiing in the winter. I think it is very important to do what you really enjoy outside of work and school.”

HC: What’s something you’re looking forward to this year?

NE: “Something that I really look forward to is sharing a house off campus with five of my best friends for school this year. I also hope to get a very good internship this summer that will positively affect my future!”

HC: As a junior, give advice for a freshman!

NE: “As an upperclassman this year, I always find myself telling freshman to go out of their comfort zone and always be open-minded to new friends and new things. I believe that college is the time that people truly find themselves and it brings countless things with it!”

HC: What’s your favorite place to take your sweetheart on a date?

NE: “My favorite place would have to be a nice relaxing summer boat ride. I always enjoy getting a nice dinner out on the water and enjoying the summer!”

HC: If you were going to an interview to build the Empire State Building 2.0, what would you wear?

NE: “Going into any interview, you want to look as best as you possibly can. For me, I would choose a nice tailored Calvin Klein suit with a classy solid colored shirt and a tie to match.”

Juli Cehula

St Vincent '18

Hello there! I am the Campus Correspondent of the Her Campus chapter at Saint Vincent College. As a senior psychology major, I've made the most of my time in undergrad and am excited for all the doors I have opening ahead of me. I can definitely thank Her Campus for giving me invaluable skills. As a future psychologist, I hope that my articles (and the chapter's) are able to make you feel empowered, motivate you to start a conversation, and be kind. As a hero of mine has said, "If you do not take control over your time and your life, other people will gobble it up. If you don't prioritize yourself, you constantly start falling lower and lower on your list."- Michelle Obama. Be the change you want to see in the world, and smile. Always smile!
Kylie is a Junior at Saint Vincent College. She is a Marketing and Finance Major with an Entrepreneurship Minor. Currently, she is an intern at the Small Business Development Center and a Statistics tutor.
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