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Campus Celebrity: Eddie Kilkeary

Hometown: Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Year: Sophomore

Major: Corporate Finance

Minor: Operational Excellence

Do you have any siblings?: 2 little sisters and 1 little brother

Single?: Yes (wink, wink)

Her Campus (HC): What’s your favorite thing about St. Vincent?

Eddie Kilkeary (EK): “The great friends that I have made and the good education.”

HC: What position do you play?

EK: “Left Field.”

HC: How many years have you played baseball?

EK: “I have played for 14 years. I started when I was 5 years old.”

HC: Why did your team host a Halloween game this year?

EK: “We wanted build up our team and to celebrate the end of a successful Fall Season.”

HC: What costume did you choose for the game?

EK: “I was Superman.”

HC: How does it feel to make ECAC All-Star?

EK: “It is very rewarding to see my dedication pay off, but I would rather see our team have success rather than individual success.”

HC: How do you motivate your teammates during practice and in games?

EK: “Leading by example and being vocal.”

HC: If you could play any other position what would it be?

EK: “Short stop because it would be cool do to do something different and there’s more action in the infield.”

HC: If you could trade places with a professional baseball player who would it be and why?

EK: “Bryce Harper because he’s a total stud.”

HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

EK: “I’m a big fan of Carrie Underwood.” 

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Emily Samara

St Vincent

My name is Emily Samara from born and raised in Maryland. I am a junior psychology major at Saint Vincent college. This is my 3rd season of collegiate volleyball and I love it! I grew up loving to write, short stories and poems and attempted to write books. I cannot wait to participate in Her Campus I think this is a really cool way to see what's new on your campus and other schools campuses!
My name is Abbey Trusky from Pittsburgh, PA. I am currently a Junior Marketing major at Saint Vincent College.
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