Cafés Perfect for Studying

In order for me to get motivated, I need coffee and a cute environment to study in! So here are some cafés around Saint Vincent that are perfect for both:


Coffee Bean Café

This café is a quick way to get off campus and get some work done with it being only 6 minutes away. The coffee is great and the environment is so soothing.


The White Rabbit Café & Patisserie

A quirky, quite place to study, sip on coffee, and enjoy a fresh pastry. This  café may be a bit of a hike being in downtown Greensburg but it is definitely worth it. The place is adorably decorated and there is sure to be others studying around you.



Starbucks is minutes away from campus and it’s setting is perfect for group projects that you accidentally didn’t start until a few days before the due date.


Carey Center

If you don’t have a car or rather just be on campus studying, this is the perfect place to do it! There is a Barista right there for your caffeinated needs and all you need is your Saint Vincent ID to pay for it.