Brae DiPaolo and Sarah Proud

For this profile, we decided to switch it up and show off two lovely ladies at once. Meet best friends/two-year roommates Brae and Sarah!

Name: Brae DiPaolo and Sarah Proud

Birthday: B: April 21, 1998 S: July 15, 1998

Major: B: Communication and Marketing S: Integrated Science; Allied Health

Grade: Junior


1. Why did you choose SVC as your college home?

B: I chose SVC as my home because it had an amazing sense of community as well as a religious aspect to it. The campus is beautiful and the size of the college was comfortable for me.

S: I chose SVC because the day I toured it was a beautiful day that made this campus look and feel like a place I belonged. All the other schools I visited did not give me this same feeling.

2. How did you two become roommates?

We became roommates by meeting each other through a mutual friend Freshman year. We decided we had a lot of the same interests as well as humor. With this, we both needed a roommate for the upcoming Sophomore year and decided to room with each other.


3. What has been your favorite roommate memory?

We have a lot of favorite memories, such as our random dance parties, movie marathons, and going out on random hikes together.

4. Do you have any advice for being good roommates for others?

a. Any advice we would have to give about being good roommates to others is to follow the 3 C’s: communication, compassion, and cuddles!!


5. Tell me something about you two that most people don’t know about. 

We once adopted a hamster together! We named her Peaches. Also, we love having art nights to relax and listen to music.