Boring Days on Campus

What to do when you’re bored at SVC


Even though SVC is an active college with millions of activities to keep you occupied with a stunning view, there are still times that you get bored with schoolwork and projects. Even though procrastiation is bad for your study habits, everyone does it.  Here are some ideas for you,


Go for a walk around Campus during the day or after dinnertime to see the beautiful sunset!


Go to the gym! Being fit and staying active is important for your physical and definitely your mental health.


Dance along to your favorite music in your room to release some stress and be active!



Call your family! They miss you and it’s a nice way of letting them know you are thinking about them.


Walk to the lake! It’s only about a ten minute walk and it’s a scenic lake that you can walk around and take artsy pictures while doing it. Seriously, if you haven't checked it out, it's beautiful!



Clean your room! I know it might not be your favorite thing to do in the world, but life is crazy and things get in your way. So if you have some free time, clean your room to be productive and so your roommate still likes you. P.s. Organization makes for a clearer mind.


Snuggle under a blanket and put on a movie! I highly recommend classic movies such as Forrest Gump or one of your old favorites.


Have a Dunkin date with your best friends! It’s one of my favorite things to do because you get the best two things in life, good coffee and your best friends in one place.


And of course, walk to Dairy Queen. It is about fifteen minutes to walk off campus and then through the woods, but the ice cream is well worth it! Plus, who doesn't love checking out Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve?



Our campus is beautiful and there are so many areas that you can explore. If you ever need a new place to check out, stay tuned to our articles for what Seniors say to do before you graduate!