Avoid Disrespect and 'Band Together'

Disrespect (verb): to show a lack of respect for; to insult

Disrespect (noun): a deficiency in respect or courtesy for another


Respecting others for the work they do is an essential aspect of any community. At Saint Vincent College, we pride ourselves on being a campus that is unified and supportive. Even when we disagree, those with similar beliefs rally together and draw closer. It is an atmosphere of difference without division, an atmosphere I’ve never experienced anywhere else. Exceptions to this exist; it would be impossible for them not to, but since coming here, I’ve been impressed with the way most people can agree to disagree. It is rare that we have a shortage of respect on campus.


Perhaps that’s why it was so shocking to witness the blatant disrespect I saw on our campus this weekend when attending a football game. Our SVC March of the Bearcats band was in the middle of performing their halftime show when the football team took the field again for the second half of their game. As the show went on, several of Saint Vincent’s players practiced their field goal kicks, the Bearcats’ team made noise on the sidelines, and the entire opposing team walked across the field.

It became difficult to hear what the band was playing, difficult to see their movements on the field, difficult to appreciate the work they put into the performance. Regardless of how focused a spectator was on the band, the actions going on around them were distracting. I, and those around me that I discussed with, did acknowledge that the teams needed to prepare for the second half of their game. But with all due respect: all of those involved in disrespecting the band were of college age or older. By that point in our lives, we must be capable of being patient for ten minutes to allow others to do what they are passionate about. After all, the band they interrupted is the same band that travels to games with them, that sits in the stands to cheer them on, that makes sure the crowd at their games is entertained between plays. In my eyes, a bit more appreciation is more than expected: it is NECESSARY.


One activity on our campus is not more important than another. Drawing a crowd to games, receiving more funding, or having more students involved does not give the football team a right to interrupt the band. Students’ passions are theirs alone, and instead of disrespecting one another, we need to appreciate the work others have done. The band trains for hours, for weeks, for months to prepare the halftime show. To have an entire football team taking up part of the field, making noise, and distracting from their performance is unfair.

Saint Vincent is meant to be a community: this is a call to improve, not an attack. It is a call to respect others instead of disregarding them. It is a call to realize that we will all have to share this campus during our time here, and NO ONE is more important than anyone else. When the band leaves the stands at the end of the second quarter of the game, they go around the side of the field to avoid disrupting play. Its time our football team affords them the same respect.


This article was submitted anonymously by a St. Vincent contributor.