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Remember the days when you couldn’t wait to watch your favorite shows week to week? I used to love watching shows week to week waiting to see what happens, however, being in college it can be hard to find time to watch some of my favorite shows, which is why I along with many other busy college students turn to streaming services. We can watch our favorite shows or find new shows to watch at our own pace and leisure.


With so many new streaming services, watching tv live and watching new shows week to week is becoming a rarity. With different streaming services popping up each week, here’s your guide to all the information you need to know before you start buying subscriptions to these services. The Washington Post has a great article about the run down about all the new streaming platforms, you can read it here.


Here are a few suggestions for what streaming services are great for college students.


1. Netflix

This classic streaming service has everything you need from your favorite tv shows and movies to all the new Netflix Originals, did someone say “To All the Boys I’ve Loved”?! The price is low at $8.99 a month. There are also no ads with Netflix. Netflix first started out with the DVDs in the mail and are now strictly streaming services.


2. Hulu

Hulu is your place to watch shows right after they come out. There are prices for ads and without ads. Prices start as low as $5.99 with ads or $11.99 without ads. New hits have come from Hulu including the Handmaids Tale.


3. Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is included with your amazon prime membership. There are no ads with streaming and many hits have come from Amazon Prime including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and Mindy Kailing’s new movie “Late Night”. There are genres from tv shows to movies and even some NFL games.


Apple TV+ and Disney + are both expected to launch in November 2019 and then HBO Max and Peacock are expected to launch in Spring 2020.


Some people like the streaming services better because it saves them money and they can choose what things they really want to watch. However, purchasing all these streaming services does add up and it can get pricey. Some even question if they should just stick to cable. What are your thoughts? Do you stick with the cable or instead opt for the streaming route?







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