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Aliyah Rhodes

Name: Aliyah Rhodes 

Class Year: 2020 

Birthday: July 13 

Major: Psychology Major/ Sociology Minor/ Addiction Specialist Certification 

Her Campus (HC): Hey there! We’re so excited to be interviewing you. At Her Campus, we want to make sure we can share all the awesome things about you to our readers. I’ve compiled some questions for you to answer, are you ready? 

Alyiah_Rhodes (FL): Absolutely! 


(HC): Why did you come to SVC? 

(AR): I had my heart set on going to Chatham University in Pittsburgh, but when I came here to take the Wimmer Scholarship Exam, I felt like I was already a college student here. It just felt right to be at such a beautiful, welcoming campus. I am so glad I made this decision and I have never been happier in my whole life. 


(HC): Why did you choose your major, what are your plans for after college? 

(AR): I love helping people and I feel like mental illness is overlooked. Despite the popular opinion, drug addiction is a disease and I want to help those who struggle with it every day. I plan to get my Masters in Social Work to pursue a career in Addiction Counseling. 

(HC): Tell me about the things that you love to do. 

(AR): This year, I started getting more involved in school activities. I joined the rugby team, and became a board member for two clubs. When I’m not busy doing things like that, I am hanging out with my friends, painting, or doing crafty things. 


(HC): What’s your favorite memory of SVC? 

(AR): My favorite memory at SVC has to be my first rugby game. I was standing on the sidelines, watching and taking in the sport, because I was only able to go to one practice prior to, and I have never ever even thought about playing a contact sport. All of the sudden, there was an injury on the field and it was my turn to play. I basically was in shock, because I thought there was no way I would play in the game. I took a hit, did not give many, but I finished the game in one piece. It was so great to hear from the other team members that I did well, and finally be part of a team that is so loving and supportive. 


(HC): What is an interesting fact about you that others don’t know? 

(AR): Hmm, one interesting fact about me would be that my brother and I are best friends, despite the fact that I am 5 years older than him. We used to fight like all siblings do, but as we have gotten older, we have become eachothers best friends and number one fans. Typically, people think he is the older sibling, and the orientation team, my freshman year, thought he was the one moving in. I would never switch our relationship for the world and I am so glad I have a built in best friend. 



(HC): Who is your biggest role model? 


(AR): I don’t know if I could choose just one role model. I am surrounded by empowering and beautiful people that inspire me to be my true and happy self everyday. I know it sounds cliché, but it is true. My friends, boyfriend and family have been nothing but supportive and loving, and I hope one day I can be as supportive and loving as they are.

Brianna Scott

St Vincent '20

La vie est belle  Senior Accounting Major 
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