7 Ways to Show Some Thanks This Holiday Season

Holiday season is approaching and along with Christmas spirit, Black Friday shopping, and family get-togethers comes showing what you are thankful for. There are many ways to show your thanks, but this list is just something to get you started! Try out one of these ideas during Thanksgiving break this year and start spreading the love. 


1. Speak Up 

It is easy to overlook just talking to someone and verbally expressing your gratitude. Actually tell those who are important in your life just how thankful you are to have them for support and love. Words can go a long way. An easy way to get conversation started without asking any of the questions we know everyone hates is just saying "catch me up on what you've been up to." It makes it easy for you the conversationalist and the responder!


2. Write a Letter 

If you don’t feel like getting teary eyed in person or your loved one is far away, write them a meaningful letter! You can go more in depth, get creative, or share an old story in your letter that will make them smile and feel appreciated for everything they do for you! I really enjoy leaving sweet notes to my roommates on days they have exams, or just to remind them how much I appreciate their company.


3. Surprise 

Let’s be real, everyone loves a surprise when it is a good one. Surprise someone special with your presence! If you have not seen one of your besties in forever, surprise them with a full day of just girl talk, relaxing, and bonding to show them you are thankful for your friendship. Live close enough to home to make it home for dinner one night? Take the night off from homework and surprise your family. 


4. Give a Gift 

During the holidays, gift getting can be stressful if you have a lot of shopping to do. However, making a gift the old fashioned way aka DIY will be easier and mean more to someone! Knit a scarf, frame a collage, put together a basket with their favorite treats! Gifts don't have to be expensive, either! A gift can be an experience. Don't be shy to the idea of going window shopping downtown, or driving around to see Christmas lights. The gift of quality time is one that everyone can treasure.


5. Post on Social Media 

Social Media is the “cool” thing to do today. Make your post personalized and don’t choose a picture that you look better in. Make this post all about someone you are thankful and what makes them so amazing! If you missed our #GenuinelyMeSVC challenge, you can check it out in our features to see how social media can play a big role in showing your blessings this holiday season. 


6. Do Something Nice 

I was reminded of the little receipt booklets we made for our parents as kids… when you would write “I will do the dishes” or “one free hug” to make your parents’ day! But really, any small task that just shows you care is worth doing! Try making the day a little easier for someone who is there for you by offering to help them. Do you and your roommate have an 8:30 and then a break until one? Surprise them with making their bed and maybe their laundry! This would be especially appreciated when they're cramming for an exam. 


7. Bring a Meal 

Home-cooked food is always the answer! Who doesn’t love family recipes or Christmas cookies! Turn on some holiday music, dance and sing in the kitchen, and start whipping up some yummy sweets for your oh-so-sweet family and friends. As you travel back home for the holiday's, remember that you have use of a real kitchen with real ingredients in sight! Bring your roommates back some sweet treats to say "I missed you!"


Focus more on ways to show your thanks this year and feel good knowing you have some pretty great people in your life who are there to stay.