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5 Things to Look Forward to Over Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is finally here and the majority of bearcats are settled in at home ready to sit back and relax. With a nice long break, we are able to fit in a bunch of activities full of friends, family, food, and shopping. Here are 5 things to look forward to over Thanksgiving break.

1. Getting a much needed break from going to class and living away from home

School is tiring. The constant need to do homework, go to class, go to work, make a fast dinner, and go to bed is exhausting. Having this break gives us a little time away from the classroom and our tiny dorms or apartments to enjoy space and freedom.

2. Seeing your family

There is nothing better than coming home to a house full of your family. The nice part about this break is that you not only get to see immediate family, but you also get to see distant family. It is the perfect time to catch up with cousins, aunts, and uncles.

3. Reuniting with friends

Being away from your lifelong friends is extremely hard. Having this time where almost everyone has a break that lines up is the perfect opportunity to find time to see everyone. Usually fall breaks do not line up and some schools don’t have them at all so chances are you haven’t seen your friends in months.

4. Thanksgiving day

Oh it is such a good day, Thanksgiving. The day starts off at 9 AM sharp with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and moves into football at 12:30 PM. Football won’t stop all day so sitting on the couch after countless stuffing balls and servings of turkey seems just right. It is the best day to lay around with friends and family.

5. Black Friday Shopping

Need I say more? The deals are amazing and it really puts you into the spirit of Christmas shopping. Most stores are choosing to stay closed on Thanksgiving and open early Friday morning so it makes this years Black Friday shopping even more exciting. There is no better feeling than leaving a store with a full bag of items that cost half the price.

Kaura Bassegio is a Saint Vincent College Alumna with a degree in marketing. As founder and former President of the St. Vincent chapter, Kaura worked on pitching ideas, editing, and leading a large team of women. Throughout her years at Saint Vincent, Kaura worked in the retail industry where she received her internship at American Eagle Outfitters. Now that she is a college graduate, Kaura will be focused on family, friends, and most importantly, finding a job! She is interested in fashion and her dream is to live and work in New York City. Follow her on Instagram: kauralbassegio
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