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12 Thoughts While at the College Gym

Have you ever been at your college gym and in the midst of working out, different thoughts pop in your head? The good news is you are not alone. Almost everyone has these thoughts and well, if you are one of the few people who don’t, props to you! Here are 12 thoughts while working out at the college gym.

1. Why is my professor on the bike?

2. The person next to me is going faster, and now I fell lazy.

3. But hey- I made it here today (especially looking like this).

4. Need. More. Cute. Workout. Clothes. 

5. How many times is that guy going to check himself out?

6.Thinking of what new jam needs added to the workout playlist, but going back to the same ones anyways.

7. That one guy I met last weekend at a party- Does he remember me?

8. Thinking about saying hi to him but opting for that half-smile instead.  

9. Halfway through the workout and regretting every cupcake you’ve ever eaten. 

10. Where is the remote? I can only act like I’m watching Sports Center for so long. 

11. Remembering that Grande PSLs are nearly 400 calories, and wondering how much longer I MUST be on the treadmill. 

12. What will I reward myself with after this?

Olivia Cerniglia is a sophomore at Saint Vincent College with a major in Communication and minor in Marketing. She is the Promotions & Events Director for MadComm. Olivia is a member of Benedictine Leadership Studies, Residence Life, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Women in Business. When she is not watching Scandal on Netflix (and dreaming of working as a White House Correspondent or filling the shoes of Olivia Pope), you can find her at the coffee shop with a good book. Follow her on Instagram @ocerniglia.
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