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10 Songs that Should Always be on Your Throwback Party Playlist

1. “Yeah!” – Usher (2004)

Who doesn’t love screaming “YEAH” at the top of there lungs?!

2. “1, 2 Step” – Ciara ft. Missy Elliot (2004)

You’d be surprised how many guys know all the words to this song!

3. “Cyclone” – Baby Bash (2007)

Perfect song to get your inner dancer on!

4. “Laffy Taffy” – D4L (2005)

This song is sweeter than the candy!

5.  “Smack That” – Akon ft. Eminem (2006)

I dare you to find someone who doesn’t like this song… It’s impossible!

6. “Low” – Flo Rida (2008)

This song will HEIGHTEN any mood while getting LOW.

7. “Candy Shop” – 50 Cent (2005)

Where’s this candy shop at?!

8. “Buy U A Drank” – T-Pain (2007)

Don’t lie, you snap along with the song!

9. “Ignition” – R. Kelly (2003)

Hand motions are activated during this song.

10. “Birthday Sex” – Jeremih (2009)

Gets played even when it’s not someone’s birthday.

Aubrey Marquis is a freshman at Saint Vincent College. Her major is in Communication and an intended minor of either spanish or math. She is Vice President of her class in Saint Vincent's Student Government Association and is an active member of MADComm. Aubrey has worked as a gymnastics coach at Willow Tree Gymnastics for 4 years and enjoys spending time with kids. When she's not working, Aubrey can be found either in the gym, hanging out with friends, or studying for class. She doesn't have a dream job in mind, but plans to go wherever her work takes her! Follow her on instagram and twitter @aubsx3x3
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