10 School Essentials You Won’t Find in the Stationary

It’s no secret that social media is flooded with helpful lists telling us what to pack for back to school, but I feel like they are missing a few essentials. As I start my junior year this fall, I’ve compiled a list of ten things that I personally can’t go back to school without!


1. Vitamins and Hand Sanitizer

These two are practically a given. It’s the best feeling to finally be back with all of your besties for the semester, but classrooms are a total germ-fest. Save yourself from getting the sniffles by loading up on Vitamin C to give your immune system that extra boost it needs!


2. A Killer Playlist

Whether you’re hitting the gym or buried in textbooks, the right music combo can really make things better! I always make sure to update my Spotify playlists in the weeks right before heading back to school, so I know that whatever situation I find myself in, I’ll have the right music to jam out with!


3. A Summer Summary

You already know that syllabus week will start with: “Tell us your name, major, and what you did this summer”. So why not prepare for it now? It’s an easy way to please your professors and survive those first week jitters!


4. A Pair of Crocs

No, I wasn’t sponsored to say this, but wow, I wish I was. Going back to school without a pair of these reliable guys is an absolute no-go. Crocs are good for any kind of weather, they are easy to clean, and they will certainly be available in your favorite color. Packing a pair of crocs will have you walking across campus in the most versatile style around!


5. Pet Pictures

One of the worst parts of heading back to school is leaving your family behind, especially your four-legged family members! I can’t help but snap a few extra pics of my dog and cats before I leave home; I may not be able to cuddle them after class, but the next best thing is filling my dorm with sweet reminders of how cute they are!


6. Smoothie Ingredients

Let’s face it, there are going to be plenty of mornings when you are rushing out the door to your 8:30 class without even considering breakfast. However, the thought of a smoothie might make you reconsider changing that habit. It is a super quick and easy way to start your mornings with lots of yummy fruits and veggies to fuel your body with the vitamins it needs to power through classes! Plus, you can always share them with friends or roomies to show them that little bit of extra love which they deserve!


7. Face Exfoliator

Heading back to school is an easy way to raise stress levels, which usually leads to breakouts and no one wants that! A good exfoliator scrub is an easy way to open your pores and let your face wash work its magic! My personal favorite is the apricot scrub from St. Ives, but there are endless options out there for everyone.


8. Face masks

Perhaps if you are tackling pesky pimples this semester, your skin is more prone to dryness or maybe you’re just stressed and in dire need of a spa night, but no matter what, a face mask is the answer. With endless choices, a mask can reduce stress, moisturize skin, detox skin, and so much more! You can go store bought or try your hand at a homemade mask, but either way, it’s a great idea to have some available!


9. Concert Tickets

Okay, so maybe you don’t NEED them for going back to school, but it sure can help! Being with your school friends on campus once again is so exciting and it is the best excuse to celebrate by going out and having some fun together! My friends and I chose to head to Hershey for The Jonas Brothers, and it was worth every penny! Not only did we get to bond and catch up with one another, but we got to revert to our ten-year-old selves and jam out all night!


10. Goals for a New Semester

This one is all about you. Take some time to sit down and really think about what you want to achieve this year. Did your GPA drop lower than you would have liked last year? Is there a club you’ve been wanting to join? College is what you make of it and making a list of goals is an easy way to help keep yourself on track for getting to where you want to be. You can even do this with a friend so you can hold each other accountable for sticking to your goals for the year.


Like I said before, I can’t go back to school without these things in my tool belt, but maybe there’s something I missed! I’d love to hear from you with anything that you need for back to school season!