Websites to Help You De-stress During Finals

1. My Noise

This website has multiple types of noises to listen to, either for studying or relaxing.  They have anywhere from fan noises to sounds of the Irish coast, all split into separate categories (industrial, nature, transportation, etc.).  The noises are also split into different mixers (seen above), which you can adjust to fit your perfect sound.  My favorite is Cat Purr, mostly because I love cats and their purring calms me.


2. Noisli

Noisli lets you click on different icons that correspond to their noises, such as nature sounds and trees or train tracks and a moving train.  They also have the option to choose preprogrammed noise combinations: random, productivity, and relaxation. 


3. Soundrown

The last sound website.  Soundrown is a bit less complex, but it still has different types of sounds.  You can also change the sound level on every different sound, mix and match to make the perfect sounds!  


4. Do Nothing

It's pretty much in the title.  You do nothing for two minutes while relaxing music plays and a picture of a sunset fills the screen.  In between study sessions and reading, this website is a perfect break and refresher. 


5. Calm

Calm plays relaxing music ranging from fireplace sounds to rain falling on leaves.  You can also choose to go on a guided meditation which ranges in length.


6. The Thoughts Room

Here, you can type in any stresses or worries into a status bar.  After pressing enter, you watch the negative thoughts fall away, as relaxing music plays, of course.  This is a really good way to vent about finals and feels good to see the bad stuff fall to its death!


7. Weave Silk

If you want to have fun while making a pretty picture, this is the website for you.  Scribbling on a computer with your mouse never looked so beautiful!  Choose the colors you want, type of symmetry, and draw.  The above picture took me 5 seconds, and I think it's pretty cool if I do say so myself.


8. Make Your Own Nebula

Another amazing time waster.  Form nebulas of all different colors, while avoiding homework and the stresses of finals!  I love how these pictures turn out, no matter how much I play with it!


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