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In Times of Trouble, Remember This

I’m sitting in my college’s cafeteria listening to the applause of an anti-Trump rally downstairs in the commons. I hear bits and pieces of speeches, full of passion and emotion. I hear chanting and cheering, voices coming together to support each other. International students vocalize their fears, students from around the country shed light on their worries, students from dozens of backgrounds banding together. Watching the courage of those speaking and energetic spirit of those in attendance is inspiring. I want to be motivated by this. For a while, I am motivated by this.

But then I see one of my classmates–whom I know voted for Donald Trump–unable to focus on his homework. Every few seconds he glanced down with an unexplainable look of sadness in his eyes. He actively and intently listened to the words of his classmates voicing opinions opposite of his own.

I then watched a girl from my Political Science class who also voted for Trump try to walk past the rally to exit the building. She looked uncomfortable, nervous and scared almost. I’m sure she felt as if no one wanted her there, solely because of her political views.

Yes, I’m disappointed at the outcome. I don’t agree with it. I was anxious all of Tuesday because I wanted to see a female give the victory speech. Because I wanted a liberal democrat in office for the next four years. Because I believe that progress has been made over the last eight years. Because I’m simply not a fan of Trump/Pence.

However, millions of people are. As hard as it can be, we need to understand that. Some, yes, may have voted for Donald Trump because of his views about immigrants and minorities. Some may have voted for him to ensure that Hillary Clinton would not be President. Hundreds of thousands voted for him because they agreed with his political policies and ideas. Hundreds of thousands voted for him because they wanted a conservative government.

President Obama offers words of advice: “We’re all on the same team.” if our current President can call Donald Trump at 3:30 in the morning to offer him congratulations and promise to work for a peaceful transition, we must work towards this. The abolishment of the large political divide begins with us. It begins with the American people working together.

Politics are a sensitive topic; it’s awkward, it’s difficult to discuss. However, healthy political discussion will begin to band together the nation. We might be able to fix this huge problem that is political polarization and division.

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