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StoStyle: Summer Styles!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

As this final week of school comes to a close, you’re probably wondering what to wear for the upcoming summer break!  Not only are you free to make your clothes comfy, you don’t have to align with any predetermined dresscodes!  You are totally free to choose the clothes that you’d like to wear.  But how do you pick fashionable clothes that are appropriate for the season?  Well, read on and find out!


Now you can be fashionable AND practical!  Keep your shorts and make them even more stylish with a combined skirt!  You can’t lose with this fashion choice.


A playsuit is like a predetermined outfit!  This simple ensemble choice is super easy to throw on!  Keep the ease and the fashion this summer!


Tie-dye is great for summer.  Not only can you have a super fun day tie-dying, you can also wear the results of that super fun day!  Make a tie-dye early on this season and sport it throughout the summer!


Overalls are coming back as a fashion trend!  Now you can not only sport overalls through the season, you can also be sure that you’ll be fashionable while doing it!  Jump on this style bandwagon and make sure that you take advantage of the ease of overalls!

Have an awesome summer and stay fashionable, Oles!

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Maggie is a junior at St. Olaf, currently majoring in Spanish and Latin American Studies with a concentration in media studies.  She runs for the St. Olaf cross-country and track teams, writes for the school newspaper, and tries to do her homework in the downtime. Maggie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, biking, skiing, and swimming.  She's excited to be a part of the Her Campus community!  Um Ya Ya!