StoStyle: Layering with the Season's Change

Springtime is here and with it comes a question- how do you dress for days when the temperature is super low in the morning and super high in the afternoon? It can be an issue- you either freeze as you walk to the class or fry as you walk back from class.  Luckily, there is a way to dress for the springtime that doesn’t require either of these extremes. Such a tactic is called dressing in layers, and although it can be difficult to get the hang of, check out these StoStyle tips for wearing layers and still maintaining your fashion:


Did you plan to wear that super cute tank top only to find that the temperature is in the 40s in the morning? Well, never fear! If you choose to wear any shorts or pants as long as they aren’t jean, you can totally throw on a chambray over your super cute tank top! Then, as it gets warmer in the afternoon, take off your chambray and show your super cute tank top!


Same deal as the chambray, but this time, you can wear jean bottoms! Throw a sweater over any top and take it off as it gets warmer as the day goes on. In this way, you’ll look super cute and still be weather appropriate.

Jackets (specifically jean jackets!):

As your morning wears on, you can totally take these off to reveal your adorable bottom layer. Pick an outer layer that works with your bottoms and feel free to take off the jacket as the day wears on and it gets warmer out.

Pants and tanks:

No one said that you had to wear your tank top with only shorts! Feel free to throw on jeans or leggings with your tank and go wherever with your stylish outfit!

Good luck with your fashion choices this springtime! Keep these fashion tips in mind and get ready for the beautiful weather!

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