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StoLife: Pick the Study Spot to Suit your Mood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

We are approximately two weeks away from Thanksgiving Break, and everyone’s busy level is increasing by the day. Library spots seems more full, Cage lines seem longer and I’m seeing a lot more public napping. Everybody is working towards the same goal in some form, but it is likely that everybody goes about it a little bit differently. It’s helpful to find certain places on campus where you know you can be on task, relaxed or focused depending on your mood. I’ve categorized a few study and hangout places on campus based on the general vibe that you can choose based on how much you need to get done or how much you want to unwind and socialize.  

Quietly Determined: Rolvaag Library Reference Room or 5th Floor

If you want to get your work done and get it done quickly, head to one of these quiet places in the lib. It is very likely that no one will disturb you and you will have space to yourself. Be warned: if you decide to eat an apple, giggle at something on Tumblr or whisper to your friend you may get hit by dagger-like glares.

Productive Group Mode: The Cage

Group projects: it seems like we always have to struggle through them. If this is the case and you really want a productive group session, I suggest getting a big table in the Cage (old or new).Your group likely won’t disturb individual studiers, and it’s a central location on campus for everyone to meet. Though if group tensions are high and you need somewhere with less background noise and passersby, I would suggest a study room in Rolvaag instead.

Accomplished… socially: Halvorson Music Library

This may not be your crowd or cup of tea, but the music library is a harbor for socializing with homework in front of you. If you want to be in the presence of other people and commiserate together on your long to-do lists, go here. You may hear far too much about someone’s day or get wrapped into the funny antics, if you can handle that.  Don’t expect to get anything done here, but you may leave with a few good stories and the ability to say “I kind of did homework for 2 or 3 hours…”

Active, participatory and STUDIOUS: Regents

I mainly say active because every classroom you walk into has whiteboard walls. If you want to write out lists, equations, or your life problems, you can do so on a larger scale in different Regents locations. Though it’s kind of a walk, the natural lighting is super helpful during the day and there are many pockets of the building you can hide in without being found. 

Reader, reviewer, submitter: Fireside

During the day, Fireside is a nice place to catch up on this afternoon’s reading that you didn’t get to, submit that last minute Moodle post, and catch someone to have lunch with you afterwards.  It’s a pretty social place, but the seating is spread out, so you can kind of pick your battles in Fireside. To read or to lay in the sun like a cat…up to you.

Though you may use these allotted places for different activities or you prefer a completely different study spot, here are a few ways to categorize the way students use study spaces on campus. As far as I’ve known, we’ve all just kind of followed along and kept the Reference room quiet and the Music Library a zoo; whether or not this is helpful or irritating is hard to tell. All in all, best of luck with your studies in the next few weeks, and don’t forget to “treat yoself.”

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