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StoLife: Halloween Costumes… Categorized

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

You officially have one week to find your ideal Halloween costume for Halloween weekend and all the celebrations that come with it! If you’re feeling completely uninspired, look to these categories to see which you feel like diving into this year. Additionally, raid your friend’s closets (with permission). Costume building can be really expensive, and for one night, DIY costumes are usually best. Good luck! 

  1. Animals 

When in doubt, put on some cat ears. Animal costumes can be as easy or intricate as you want them to be. Ears and whiskers go a long way, but face paint can also be really fun! Be as sexy or literal as you so choose.  

2.  Your favorite celebrity 

Whether fictitious (Jess from New Girl) or real and larger-than-life (BEYONCÉ), it’s always fun to dress up as your favorite actor, character, or musician. I only hope that I see a few Justin Beibers, Coco Chanels, minions, or Spongebob characters walking around campus next weekend.  

3. Scary 

Never underestimate the power of a YouTube makeup tutorial. I have seen some very convincing zombie or skull faces painted on with makeup, face paint and fake blood. If you want to scare the hell out of people at the Pause Dance, give it a shot (or ask your makeup savvy friend to do it). 

4.  Traditional

Even if you’re no longer 4 years old or a small dog, consider the traditional witch, pumpkin, or ghost costumes.  

5.  Group or couples costumes

Get your friends together and dress up as the 7 dwarves, 3 blind mice, or the cast of your favorite TV show or movie. These costumes can be super fun to collaborate on and get a big group involved.  

6.  Stereotypical firefighter, policeman, football player, or any every day profession 

Once you choose a profession (scientist, teacher, journalist, athlete, janitor, barista), make it ridiculously sexy. Because you can. I had to throw it out there.  

Best of luck on the costume hunt! Happy Halloween! 

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