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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

In the midst of finals week and its upcoming terrors, it’s hard to find enjoyment in the day-to-day “class, lunch, study, dinner, study, cry, repeat” schedule. To break yourself out of habit, try focusing on the little things and finding joy in what is usually mundane. Here are some suggestions:

Make an awesome study playlist. If studying sucks, maybe a playlist of all of your favorite happy, motivational or calming songs that you usually associate with good things will help.

Let yourself get excited about little things like caf desserts or waking up after only one snooze button instead of five. Little victories deserve just as much celebration, even if it’s only a smile or acknowledgement. Just because you have a test today doesn’t mean you can’t have an existential experience with your morning coffee or become thoroughly amused by a cute YouTube video.

Add exciting things to your wardrobe. By all means, wear your whale socks as much as possible or paint your nails a cool festive color. If you can find outfits that incorporate your new favorite scarf or earrings, acknowledge the peace or confidence that little choice gives you.

Stretch, move, and praise your body for going through all of this crap with you. You might feel like all of the work is up in your brain, but without your body’s constant functioning, you wouldn’t be able to finish that late-night assignment or two-hour final! Give yourself a little pat on the back and incorporate stretching, lotion, yoga or anything soothing to thank your body for all its hard work.

Leave a kind sticky note, a funny memory or a weird meme in a friend’s PO and watch how you have the power to improve their mundane schedule, too! There is a lot of excitement and suspense in giving, and it’s always rewarding to see your friend’s reaction.

There are a lot of ways to find joy in the little things when you know the bigger things just won’t do it for you right now. I encourage you to try some of these out and challenge the norm of stress and minimal laughter during finals week!

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