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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

Some people may not mind how much they’re on their phones or laptops, but I definitely get sick of it.  Many of us are guilty of excessively texting, checking social media, replying to emails and looking at our phones to avoid eye contact with the only other person in the hallway.  In case anyone else has a similar desire to unplug from media, here are some small starter tips to eventually make a change in your daily life.   

1.  Keep your phone in your pocket when you’re walking from class to class.  Choose to engage with whomever you’re walking with, look at the beautiful fall colors or get a good glimpse at your campus crush.  It’s a natural default for everyone to check their phone once they get out of class, but try to only check your phone when you’re sitting down.

2.  Put your phone on airplane mode or “do not disturb” when you need to do serious studying.  If you find yourself checking your phone every five minutes in the library, try hiding it in your backpack, turning it off, or turning it on “do not disturb”.  Little things like this will make you think twice when you reflexively grab your phone after each sentence you read.   

3.  Don’t bring your phone into the caf.  Save mealtime for food and friendship.  With such busy schedules, mealtimes are one of the few times to connect with your friends, laugh and have fun during the week.  Instead of spending your mealtime on a screen, talk to friends in your presence and enjoy your food! 

4.  Give yourself unwinding time at night.  Even 20 to 30 minutes before you go to bed, set your alarm and put your phone away.  Say goodnight to your mom or your boyfriend or whomever and let your eyes rest! Your screen’s backlight strains your eyes and messes with your sleep schedule.

5. Still can’t tame your phone addiction? Turn it into a reward system.  Tell yourself that after reading one chapter, you get to answer your texts, check your email, go wild on Netflix, whatever.  In the meantime, try to go without it and focus on the present moment! 


 Photo Sources: Girl checking her phoneChecking phones w/ friends and family