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StO-Style: Three graduation-worthy outfits

Senior graduation is coming in less than a month to St. Olaf!  Almost all of my best friends are graduating, and to be honest, I don’t think I am ready to handle that fact.  Sadly, I won’t even be able to watch them graduate, as I have to leave for my internship training session right before the big day! Maybe you are a senior and you cannot wait to move to that next stage of life; maybe your friends are graduating and you are not ready to say goodbye, or maybe your little sister or brother is graduating from high school.

I have been thinking about what to wear to the graduation for the entire semester. Now that I won’t be able to attend, I want to at least be able to offer you girls some style tips if you are going to attend the graduation! Read on to hear about the top three graduation-worthy outfits!
1. A Classy Dress
A floral dress is the first thing comes to my mind. Florals are always feminine and springish. 

Pair your dress with a pair of white or nude flats. Pearl earrings would be an adorable and appropriate touch.  Similarly, a white dress or one with polka dots would also work perfectly. *Tip: Wear a pair of wedges during the day that you can swap out for heels during the night – an easy swap if your schedule is super packed and you don’t want to be running around in heels all day. 

2. Some Bright Colors
If you are a bold, confident person, you won’t want to miss this chance to stand out with bright colors. I talked about how to mix bright colors in my pervious article (http://www.hercampus.com/school/stolaf/sto-style-bright-color-rocks). The outfit below is cute but needs a little bit of a fix to fit the theme. I suggest wearing a white shirt under that bright tank top and add some tights underneath those shorts!

3. Semi-Professional
Pants are always welcome at graduations. They add that professional look to your outfit, and professional for graduation is definitely not a bad idea. I suggest wearing a not-black-and-white suit, paired with chino pants and high platforms. *Tip: Change up the professional shirt normally paired with pants to a white lace top, or add a statement accessory (it can be a scarf, necklace or pair of earrings, but no more than one!). These changes to the ‘professional look’ will have you looking perfect for the commencement ceremony, but with a little bit of sassiness of a college girl!

That said, CONGRATS to the class of 2011! Good luck in the future and I hope you have an awesome graduation!
(Photo credits: lookbook.nu )

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