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StO-Style: The Resurgence of Overalls


….yes, you read that correctly.

Overalls are back, ladies, and they’re having a moment on street style blogs and fashion blogs alike. 

The overalls that people are sporting this time around aren’t like the baggy overalls your mom wore in the 80s or the kiddie overalls you most likely sported in elementary school (mine were embroidered with various varieties of flowers – I was the epitome of cool back then).

This time, overalls have a more streamlined look and are less frumpy (thank goodness). They also have been popping up in fabrics other than denim, like leather and silk, for a classier look. Think less hick, more chic.


Looking to try this trend? Pick from the few below or search the internet – there are tons of options out there right now!

From left: $155 – lagarconne.com, $24 – etsy.com, $510 – stylebop.com, $76 – nordstrom.com, $30 – uniqlo.com

If you are brave enough to try overalls, keep the rest of your outfit simple in order to avoid looking completely ridiculous. A simple t-shirt, a statement necklace, and some oxfords or Converse would complete the look without making it too over-the-top.

While I admire the bravery of those who pull off overalls, I think I’ll be sitting this trend out this time around (and the next time, and the next time…). What about you? Did you ever rock overalls when you were younger? Would you try them now?


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 Katie is a recent graduate (and proud alum - UM YA YA!) of St. Olaf College, a small liberal arts college in Minnesota. A true Minnesota girl through and through, Katie was formerly a fashion blogger and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus St. Olaf College before becoming a contributing writer for the national site. She currently works as a marketing assistant and is interested in further pursuing a career in marketing, PR, journalism, editing...(she has no idea, if you can't tell). Katie is passionate about traveling and wants to stamp up her passport as much as possible. Katie enjoys social media, blogs, Speculoos cookie butter, dressing for success, fashion magazines and extensively quoting pop culture in social situations (especially 30 Rock). Her one party trick is knowing all the words to "Freaks and Geeks" by Childish Gambino.   
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