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Sto-Style: Pumped Up Kicks – The Wedge Sneaker Trend

Fashion trends come in waves – they ebb and flow, hitting the masses and retreating as soon as they’ve come. Lots of trends die out before they become mainstream, but others, like the current neon trend that survived from last season, have more longevity. While some trends are impractical or unflattering for an everyday outfit, others are intriguing and fun to try out. I admittedly am glad to see some trends go (camouflage and shearling boots, anyone?), but I also love to take fashion risks. Enter the current wedge sneaker trend.
I remember seeing this article on Isabel Marant’s wedge sneakers from The Man Repeller back in December while perusing my normal blog circuit. Puzzled by the appeal of a wedge sneaker that had velcro straps reminiscent of the sparkly sneakers I used to wear when I was five, I disregarded the shoes as a silly fashion misstep.

From The Man Repeller

But only a few short weeks after initially reading that article, I started to see wedge sneakers popping up everywhere: on celebrities, bloggers, and in stores alike. Less expensive versions of the wedge sneaker debuted, like these Ash “Bowie” wedge sneakers that come in a variety of colors like magenta, neon yellow, black, orange, and tan. Chalk it up to overexposure, but wedge sneakers were starting to grow on me.
The success of the wedge sneaker trend lies in its appeal to both fashion and comfort. Unlike spindly stilettos, wedge sneakers offer the right amount of height with a sturdy platform that is kind to the ankles. They lend a certain amount of sporty chic to any outfit, yet still manage to look polished. They’re more practical than a tiny stiletto when it comes to walking longer distances in any type of weather. And instead of having an exposed rubber wedge, like these sneakers, current wedge sneakers hide the wedge for a seamlessly chic look rather than a punky one.
So how should you style wedge sneakers?

Boyfriend Blazer $130 - topshop.com, Tunic $63 - monsoon.co.uk, Grey Skinny Jeans $75 - theoutnet.com, Snake Print Bag $44 - debenhams.com, Ash Bowie Wedge Sneaker  $225 - jildorshoes.com, Crystal Wrap Bracelet $33 - betseyjohnson.com [Styleboard from Polyvore]
Pair wedge sneakers with skinny pants to show off your kicks and accent your legs. Wide leg pants or flare jeans would hide the sneakers and appear frumpy instead of chic. Pick a pair of skinny jeans with a cigarette pant silhouette, or cuff your jeans at your ankles to make sure the focus is on the shoes. I like the idea of more feminine accents to counteract the sportiness of the sneakers, and paired the sneakers and skinnies with a flowy blouse, sparkly bracelet, and fun bag. A structured blazer completes the look.
While I have grown to love the wedge sneaker trend (I have my eye on the orange Ash Bowies above), this is one trend I may have to sit out on thanks to my meager college budget. While I wait for someone to make a cheaper version, I can’t help but wonder how long the wedge sneaker trend will live on. Do you think this trend has longevity? Would you ever give wedge sneakers a try? What are some of your other favorite current fashion trends?
Don’t be afraid to take a few fashion risks, and as always, stay fashionable St. Olaf!

 Katie is a recent graduate (and proud alum - UM YA YA!) of St. Olaf College, a small liberal arts college in Minnesota. A true Minnesota girl through and through, Katie was formerly a fashion blogger and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus St. Olaf College before becoming a contributing writer for the national site. She currently works as a marketing assistant and is interested in further pursuing a career in marketing, PR, journalism, editing...(she has no idea, if you can't tell). Katie is passionate about traveling and wants to stamp up her passport as much as possible. Katie enjoys social media, blogs, Speculoos cookie butter, dressing for success, fashion magazines and extensively quoting pop culture in social situations (especially 30 Rock). Her one party trick is knowing all the words to "Freaks and Geeks" by Childish Gambino.   
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