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Spring Break Essentials/Activities for All Destinations!

Spring break is less than two weeks away! With that being said, before you head out to a beautiful beach in Mexico, the snowy mountains in Colorado, or just sleeping in, I have put together a list of fun activities and essentials for all those locations!

Warm Destination

If you are heading to somewhere tropical or really any warmer place than the frigid ‘Sota (super jealous btw), here are some things I would recommend bringing along and doing:


  • Sunscreen: This is super important if you don’t want to get burned!

  • Cute bathing suits: If you’re going somewhere with a beach, pool, etc. this is pretty obvious. But don’t bring too many pairs, you most likely will not wear them all.


  • Swimming: This is also an obvious thing to do but is seriously a lot of fun.

  • Relax: Spring break is all about relaxation and nothing is better than just lying out in the sun and taking naps!

  • Explore: Wherever you’re sunny locale may be, there is always exploration to be done. Grab a friend and take a hike or walk around. You’ll never know what cool places you’ll find.


Image Source: https://blog.freepeople.com/2014/12/california-love/


Cold Destination

This is for all those who are going camping and/or going somewhere with a cold climate. I’m heading to Colorado this spring break so these are some essentials I’m bringing and doing:


  • Wool: It gets very cold at night so make sure you have warm enough clothing. Wool is the perfect fabric to keep you warm and cozy.

  • Water bottle: Having a water bottle is super important because it will keep you hydrated, especially when camping.


  • Snowshoeing/Hiking: Nothing beats a good hike up a mountain!

  • Make some hot cocoa/s’mores: Nothing is better than having a bonfire and roasting marshmallows on a crisp winter’s night.

  • Stargazing: I love stargazing and camping is the perfect place to do that. You really get to appreciate the world around you without distractions.

Image Source: https://hikingharpers.wordpress.com/tag/rocky-mountain-national-park/


Your Home/On Campus

If you’re not going anywhere this spring break (me pretty much every year), don’t worry! There is so many things you can in Minnesota or in your hometown.

  • Reading: This is what I love to do on breaks. Catch up on some books you’ve just been waiting to read but haven’t had time for (until now!!).

  • Sleep: Being a college student is stressful and exhausting. Catch up on your sleep to feel rejuvenated when the final stretch of this semester comes around.

  • Find things to do in your hometown: There is always so many things going on in St. Paul/Minneapolis area during spring break. Here are just a few:

    • Go to a Wilds and/or Timberwolves game!

    • Go to the movie theater! There are so many great movies out!

    • Go to the Walker or MIA. Beautiful artwork and artifacts on display that are definitely worth a visit!

    • Go to the Guthrie, Orpheum, and/or Chanhassen Dinner Theatre! There are wonderful productions at all these places right now. Witness some amazing performances!

Image Source: https://walkerart.org/visit/garden/


Hoped this post helps you!





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