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Shafi Shahriar ’13

Name: Shafi Shahriar

Birthday: September 5th, 1990 

Relationship status: Single and ready to mingle

Year: 2013

Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Major: Economics with Finance Emphasis

Ladies, Ole men have plenty to say about them. The real question is, are you willing to listen? See what you think about this week’s Campus Cutie!
If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
“Steak, Medium Rare with sautéed mushrooms and onions”
Miley Cyrus…? 
“Needs an image consultant”
Best scent or perfume for girls: 
A girl looks prettiest when…: 
“They are not trying too hard. Simple is beautiful”
Pet Peeves: 
“Expecting us to read women’s minds, narcissistic individuals and women who over-analyze.”

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? “Sitting in a nice corporate office, earning the big bucks!”
“Playing Rugby, Soccer and messing with my electronics.  I like to build and install speaker systems for the ultimate surround sound experience.”
Your style? 
“I like wearing comfortable clothes, but nothing shabby.”
What kind of music do you like? 
“My ears are open to all except techno and punk”
Favorite place to study:  
My desk and library fourth floor by the corner.
Superman, Spiderman, Batman..who wins? 
“Dude, Thor!”
Guilty pleasure: 
“Back rubs”

Favorite pastime? “Chilling with my friends and occasionally catching a movie”
Call or text: 
“Texts for sure”

Dating deal breaker: “The crazies…”

Ideal Vacation? “Miami”

Most confusing thing about girls:“They can’t stop thinking about everything”

Hottest outfit a girl can wear: “Mini-skirt and a nice top to match”

What he wants Ole women to know: “Be confident and go up to guys. Don’t be afraid to make the first move and let us know what you want. Take charge! Make decisions; do not let the guy decide all the time. We want to know what you want and are willing to give you what you want. Let us do just that.”

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