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Seven Ways to Wear Stripes

Hello Fashionistas!

Let’s talk stripes. They can be nautical, preppy, sophisticated, rustic or easy-going depending on the way you wear them. This versatility makes stripes one of the most classic fashion statements. Also, stripes never seem to go out of fashion – they are flattering, and easy to wear. So, to get the most out of your striped options, here are seven ways to wear stripes!

1. Skirts

Striped skirts are extremely fashionable and add a stylistic flare to any outfit. With so many skirt silhouettes out there, your options are endless in terms of what style you are looking for. I would recommend keeping the stripes narrow on a bandage skirt and maybe trying a wider stripe on a full-skirt. Play around with tops, belts and jewelry to complete your look!

2. Shirts

One of the most classic ways to wear stripes is on a shirt. You can go for a nautical look, clean sophisticated look or laid-back, sporty look depending on the stripes and silhouette you choose. Keep the colors simple with black and white, or add visual interest by playing with colors. 

3. Dresses

Striped dresses are the perfect way to make a statement while staying extremely stylish. Try a dress with narrow stripes to enhance your figure. Pair your striped dress with colorful flats for a classic look, or experiment with contrasting styles by pairing your striped dress with Converse! 

4. Socks

Wearing striped socks is a subtle way to incorporate stripes into your wardrobe. They look adorable peeking out from boots and add an element of surprise! 


5. Scarves

A striped scarf is another stylistic way to add style to your outfit. There are a lot of striped scarves out there, from light linen to thicker wool ones. There are also endless color options. Even in spring, scarves are a fashion staple. They look great with a dress, t-shirt or denim jacket. 

6. Layered

Try layering stripes with other wardrobe essentials, like a sweater, vest, denim jacket or a chambray. When you layer, the stripes become a bit more subtle. Layering with your stripes also is a great way to transition into spring. When you layer, it can take the place of a jacket! 

7. Mismatched

Another fun and fashion-forward way to incorporate stripes into your wardrobe is by pairing stripes with another print. If you are bold, try pairing polka-dots and stripes! This looks adorable when the color palette of both items is the same. Try pairing a polka dot skirt with a striped top! 

Not only are stripes extremely functional, but they are also perfect for spring fashion! I hope you have been inspired by all the ways you can incorporate stripes into your wardrobe!

Stay fashionable, Oles! 

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Kate Roy is a junior, Psychology and Dance double major at St. Olaf College. As one of the Campus Correspondents for Her Campus St. Olaf, she enjoys writing, editing, and helping her fellow Oles get their voices heard. Kate is involved in CompanyDance, the modern dance company at St. Olaf. In her free time, Kate loves to spend time with friends, listen to music, browse Her Campus, flip through fashion magazines, and eat chocolate.  Kate is a fashionista and has a passion for all things dealing with fashion. She works at Madewell, and enjoys getting experience in the fashion world. Kate headed the Her Campus St. Olaf College style blog, StO-Style (now Snapshot), for the 2013-2014 school year. She loved this position and hopes to continue her fashion writing in the future. Kate is extrememly excited to share the position of Campus Correspondent for the 2014-2015 school year and expand her involvement with St. Olaf's Her Campus Chapter. 
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