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Redefining the Sorority Girl

Sorority girls are just “a group of girls who pay to have friends” and “come together because they look similar, and are now kind of friends.”

Well, that’s what Urban Dictionary and pop culture references tell us.

I’m not in a sorority, and the college I attend does not have Greek Life. However, I do know one girl in a sorority whom I look up and completely trust: my sister, Sarah. Unlike many stories we hear on the media, she has had nothing but positive experiences. So, I asked her to redefine her version of the “Sorority Girl.”

What’s your sorority experience been like?

Joining Alpha Sigma Alpha- Zeta Beta has been such a special experience. At my school, we have a strict no hazing policy. This creates a very welcoming environment that promotes growth and having a strong, positive presence on campus. I love being part of a community and feeling like we are all working together for a common goal. Going Greek at a small school is also amazing because the Greek community becomes so close. Joining a sorority creates a common bond. Even if you are not close with every girl in the sorority, you still care about everyone and their successes.

Did you plan to join a sorority when you started college? If you didn’t, what made you rush?

I decided to go Greek when I transferred schools. I did not intend to go Greek when I first went to college but I found that there is no better way to meet a lot of great people in a short amount of time. Also, just because you join one sorority, does not mean that you are friends with only the people in that sorority. You make many other close friends in other sororities and fraternities because you are all still part of the same organization, Greek Life.

I sent you the opening scene of Legally Blonde to watch as a representation for how society perceives sororities. How inaccurate is that representation of sororities? Any similarities?

There are sororities that are “girlier” than others but there is such a wide range of sorority personalities. Movies portray all sororities as the party houses where everyone under is the influence of alcohol and mingle with fraternity men all the time. This is not always true. Yes, we do give out bid cards to each girl and make a big deal about this. We should be making a big deal because we are inviting a girl to join a historic, lifelong sisterhood. Most sorority girls must keep up certain standard for GPA and behavior. We want to keep the integrity of our organizations by showing members that it is a privilege to be in a sorority, not a right.

What are some misconceptions about sororities that you would like to clear up?

Being in a sorority gives you a sense of community. One of the major reasons that college students drop out of college their first year is because they do not feel like they are a part of a community. Being in a sorority gives you people who are always there to help. You feel like are part of something bigger than yourself and that you have the power to make a difference in someone’s life. A sorority also gives you a voice and you are able to share how you believe your campus can be changed and have people there to help you make that change. Even after you graduate, you have a powerful network of alumni and also some good friends.

So, how would you define the “sorority girl”?

On our campus, the sorority girl is somebody who is committed to making their campus a better place. A sorority girl is also somebody who presents herself with poise and purpose along with creating a better community on her campus. We also look out for one another and looks to help a sister up when she is down both inside and outside of our own sororities.

The major take away is that all schools and sororities are different on how they handle Greek Life. Since Greek Life is a touchy subject on many college campuses, each school handles it differently. The job of a potential new member is to find a sorority that fits her beliefs and makes her feel like she found her home.

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