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The Quick Guide to Voting

Do I hear an eagle screeching with a faint ringing of the liberty bell in the distance? That’s right, folks. It is time to vote. Here are some helpful resources to assist you through this presidential election.

Are you registered to vote? Don’t know? Visit this website and check or learn how: https://www.rockthevote.com/

Don’t know who to vote for? Visit this website and take a quiz to see which candidate you side with the most based on the issues you stand for: https://www.isidewith.com/

Want to know how an election works? Do you want more information on government and politics? Visit this website to get the run-down: http://www.theskimm.com/2016-election/questions

Want to get caught up on the first presidential debate with fact checks and analysis? Visit this website for non-biased information: http://www.npr.org/2016/09/26/495115346/fact-check-first-presidential-de…


Good luck, Oles! May the odds of the election be ever in your candidates favor!





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