People of St. Olaf: Katelyn Powers '20

                                                                                                  Photo courtesy of Katelyn Powers(pictured above)



Year: Sophomore


Major: Biology (Pre-Med)


If you could travel anywhere where would you go?: Switzerland


Describe your overall experience at St. Olaf: I transferred to St. Olaf second semester of my Freshman year and immediately felt welcomed into the community. I have met great friends that I will know for many years to come. The courses that I have taken here have challenged me both academically and emotionally. I feel that my experiences at St. Olaf will truly shape my character in preparation for life after the hill.


Favorite holiday: Christmas


Oranges or clementines?: Clementines


Would you rather live in a place that is always colder(20 degrees or less) or warmer(90 degrees or higher)?: Always colder, so I can bundle up in cute scarves and hats


Would you rather always be 10 minutes late or 20 minutes early?: 20 minutes early


Are you involved in any clubs at St. Olaf? If so which ones?: I am an affiliate member of AED


What is your favorite past time activity?: I love spending time with children! The past couple summers I have worked as a nanny and I currently work in the KidVentures afterschool programs at Greenvale Park Elementary. I also volunteer in the preschool and nursery at Canvas Church.


What is some advice you have for college freshman or prospective students?: Embrace the vulnerability that comes with change. Sometimes it takes letting your walls down to really connect with the amazing people that surround you. Be prepared to be challenged and shaped by new experiences.


Favorite class taken at St. Olaf so far: Science Conversation


What do you look forward to after attaining a college degree?: I look forward to attending medical school to become a pediatrician.


Favorite quote: “I knew exactly what to do… but in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do” -Michael Scott


Food that you absolutely can’t stand: Deviled eggs


Favorite activity to do with friends: Sit around a bonfire under the stars discussing the many mysteries of life


Favorite throwback memory to high school: Traveling to one-act play competitions with my theatre family


How has the Hill helped you further a passion in your life?: The courses I have taken at St. Olaf have furthered my passion for science and the human body. I have appreciated the opportunities to engage with my friends and to learn about the exciting things that their courses have covered. My love of learning has lead me to seek out knowledge from the many available sources on the Hill. I enjoy attending seminars and hearing about the amazing advances being made in the medical field.


Is there anything at St. Olaf that you look forward to pursuing more?: I would like to become more involved with Science Alliance, a club that promotes STEM in local elementary schools.


How has St. Olaf helped you develop your future plans?: I came to St. Olaf interested in medicine. Though I still plan to attend medical school, I have realized that the field of medicine is much broader than I previously understood. I am excited to explore various medical disciplines through internships and research.

                                                                  Photo courtesy of Katelyn Powers(pictured above on the left)