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Hey Oles!

The first week of school has come and gone, so now it’s time to look into some easy pieces that you can throw on before class. We tend to have a hard time finding the motivation (and time) to put a look together, so here are some ideas to help you find the perfect balance between stylish and simple.


T-shirt Dress


A t-shirt dress is my new favorite piece! The idea is so simple. Dresses are an easy piece to begin with since they don’t require mixing and matching different tops and bottoms – but a t-shirt dress is even easier. The look is so low maintenance, which is just what you need for an early morning. What an ingenious design.


Oversized Scarf


On any chilly morning all you want to do is stay in bed … but what if you could take the comfort with you? An oversized scarf has all the same amenities as a warm blanket, so consider incorporating one into your wardrobe. Your outfit can be as simple as possible and a scarf will still be the perfect touch. It takes two seconds to throw on and you will be cozy all day!


Patterned Cardigan


Similar to the scarf, a patterned cardigan works well with a simple outfit. This way you can wear your favorite black dress (a t-shirt dress, perhaps?) and add a touch of style with the help of a patterned cardigan. The look is effortless, which is what this type of easy fashion is all about.


Now that you have some ideas for easy outfits, you won’t need to stress over time in the morning. No more waking up and struggling to find the perfect outfit for the day. Instead, you can throw on these pieces and head out the door quickly, while still looking fashion-forward.


Stay stylish,

Emily xoxo


Photo Cred: Cover Dress Scarf Cardigan

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