Ole Outfits: Fall Fashion Essentials

This week I wanted to say that I’m very grateful for my education. Learning, to me, is super important and getting the opportunity to further my education at St. Olaf is something that is priceless and incomparable. Thank you once again to my parents for helping me and also to St. Olaf for allowing me to be able to learn and grow in this close-knit community.


Fall fashion is here! I'm super excited for this series because I love putting together cute and comfy outfits. This first one will be about my favorite autumnal attire. Keep in my mind that these are items that I felt are my most worn pieces in autumn and it might not be everyone's favorite. With that being said, here are just a few staple pieces for this time of year that I can't live without:

Tall Boots

I love boots because not only do they keep you warmer than regular shoes, but because they are also very fashionable. My favorite style of boots are over-the-knees boots. I just think they are so cute! They look good with anything, from leggings to jeans. They are perfect to dress up or dress down an outfit.


Scarves are the best because they can act as a pillow for class and/or blanket for a nap. Large scarves are perfect for the Minnesota winters too. They're very practical and fashion-forward. They’re also so many options to choose from and numerous stores that them. My favorite scarves are the plaid scarves because they remind me of the holidays!

Image Source: http://dressupbuttercup.com/bundled-up-styled-two-ways/

Tote Bags

I’ve recently been getting into large tote bags. I like them better than backpacks because they're easier to get things out of and they look really cute with any outfit. Tote bags can used for a variety of things. I use mine for my dance shoes and some books as well. You don’t need an expensive Michaels Kors bag or anything of that sort. I got my bag at Target and it’s my favorite thing ever!


Denim is one of my favorite fabrics because it can be worn as a jacket or as jeans. Both are my favorites for the fall because they are so stylish and comfortable. You can never go wrong with a traditional pair of jeans. And jeans jackets are great for layering as well.

Image Source: http://laurenkaysims.com/2017/01/nike-juvenate/


Lots and lots of sweater to be exact. You cannot survive a winter in Minnesota unless you bundle up with layers. Sweaters are the best to wear during winter because they are super comfy and there are countless designs out there. I love the classic cable knit sweater because it goes well with anything. Layer a vest on top and you’re ready for the frigid outdoors.


Nothing says fall and winter like a good ol’ flannel. I live for flannels because they are so versatile and an easy option in the morning when I’m super tired. You can wear it underneath a sweater for a preppy look or wear it on its own. I like to get my flannels from the men’s section in the stores because they are thicker than women's and I like them longer so I can wear them with leggings.

Image Source: https://stayglam.com/beauty/50-cute-flannel-outfit-ideas-for-fall-2014/

I hope you found this post helpful! And remember you don’t have to go buy expensive clothing to achieve any of these looks. Thrift stores and Target are my favorite stores to look for affordable and trendy clothes!