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Ole Fit: Creative Caf Combinations

By this time of year, caf food is getting pretty monotonous. We get into the same routine with our meals, but there are so many opportunities to add some flair to what we’re eating! All we need is a little bit of inspiration. Here are some great ideas that you may not have thought of yet:


1. Perfect Panini: Two slices of wheat bread, pesto, provolone, your choice of meat and spinach.


2. Banini: peel a banana and spread a very thin layer of butter on each side. Place in the panini press until each side becomes crispy. Drizzle natural peanut butter and honey over top!


3. Breakfast Sandwich: Toast an English muffin and sandwich some cheesy eggs and bacon in-between! Add grapefruit on the side to complete this bomb a** breakfast.


4. Loaded Granola: Mix granola with natural peanut butter and honey or jam. A filling treat!


Um yum yum. Yum ya ya. 



paninibananabreakfast sandwichgranola

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