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Name: Nick Nalbach
Birthday: 02/11/92
Relationship status: Single and ready to mingle
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Plover, WI

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of those cute guys around St. Olaf, Her Campus brings a new Campus Cutie for this week!

Major: Chemistry
Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite lift: Bicep curl 

Best scent or perfume for girls:  Daisy by Mark Jacobs

What he wears: Jeans, T-shirt, Baseball hat

A girl looks prettiest when…  she just gets out of the shower

Favorite pick-up line: We should start a Little Caesar’s because you’re hott and I’m ready.

Hobbies:  Baseball, guitar, football, ski jumping
Fav food: Lobster and crab

Extra-curricular activities: Baseball, lifting

What do you think the most interesting thing about yourself is? Playing baseball in Miller Park this last summer for the Baseball Legion All-Star Game

 Favorite place to study: In YOUR room 

Blondes or brunettes: Let me rephrase.. Blondes AND Brunettes
Guilty pleasure: Wendy’s
Oceans or lakes:  Oceans
Call or text: Call

Favorite compliment: “That was amazing”

Dating deal breaker:  Saying “I love you” on the first dates

Biggest turn-offs: Awkward silence while on a date

Turn on: Body contact
Pet peeves: Too clingy, too distant. There needs to be a happy medium in there
Ideal date: Going to dinner, someplace kind of classy but not too fancy, followed by a movie at my place  
Describe yourself in one word: Energetic
Most unique quality: Sense of humor

Most confusing thing about girls: Trying to figure out what they are thinking
Hottest outfit a girl can wear: Short skirt with tank top 
Three things he can’t live without: Baseball, Ipod, My hats
What he wants Ole women to know: I like to have a good time with my friends. Maybe get rowdy, but all in good fun 

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