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Nick Kang, ’12

Name: Nick Kang
Birthday: June 4, 1987
Relationship status: Single and ready to mingle
Year: Junior
Hometown: Kamloops BC, Canada (Not a U.S. citizen!)

The weather is getting colder and colder here on top of the Hill. But don’t worry, Ole women, because the boys are getting hotter and hotter. So warm up with one of them – maybe even this week’s Campus Cutie.
Major: “Social Innovation Community Development and Biology”
Favorite holiday: “American Thanksgiving.”
Favorite lift: “The elevator.”
Best scent or perfume for girls: “I like it sweet and spicy.”
What he wears: “Calvin Klein” 
A girl looks prettiest when… “She smiles.” 
Favorite pick-up line: “Is your dad a thief? Because I’m pretty sure he stole every star in the sky and placed them in your eyes.”

Hobbies:“Photography, and spontaneously cooking for other people.”
Fav food:“My mothers’ Christmas dinner: prime rib, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, all topped with motherly love.”

Extra-curricular activities: “Spending a good ol’ time with the roommate and friends, over-involving myself with student groups, and working for my youth association.”

What do you think the most interesting thing about yourself is?
“My past… which I will not talk [about]. Not until the second date at least.”
 Favorite place to study:  “Regents Library. 4th study table. Meet me there.”

Blondes or brunettes:  “Brunettes.”
Guilty pleasure:  “Cuddling up with my roommate and his girlfriend to make them feel really awkward”
Oceans or lakes:  “Lakes…rivers actually – had some good times tubing down them back home.”
Call or text: “Text.”

Favorite compliment:  “Wow!”

Dating deal breaker:  “Texting on dates”

Biggest turn-offs:  “Overly intoxicated women. And girls laughing when they find out I’m Campus Cutie.”
Turn on:  “Independence and being real… none of that fake-flirty stuff.”
Pet peeves:  “Large Caf events… and obnoxious people. They drive me up the damn wall!”
Ideal date: “Hiking through magical forests with someone I care about, camping underneath a starlit summer sky, and humming “don’t wanna miss a thing.”
Describe yourself in one word: “Wishful.”
Most unique quality: “I’m proud to be Canadian and I think I would be a heck of a good stay-at-home-dad or stay-at-home-dude if there are no kids. (Because I love cooking and kids, not because I’m lazy!)”
Most confusing thing about girls: “Why they spend so much time getting ready when they don’t need to – you are beautiful without all of that.”
Hottest outfit a girl can wear:  “The business casual or formal look – love it.”
Three things he can’t live without: “Friends, family, and an opinion.”
What he wants Ole women to know: “Just because I’m an older student, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m more mature or wise… self-recognition is the first step right?”

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