Nick Hoverstad '14


Name: Nick Hoverstad

Year: 2014

Major: English, with a concentration in biomedical studies [He's pre-med, ladies!]

Relationship Status: Single


Favorite place to study: I'm a ref-roomer [the reference room in the library]. I like the aesthetics of the ref room, and there is definitely a collective feeling of intellectualness. People are getting stuff done. That's motivating!

Favorite food: I really like tomyum soup, from Thailand. It’s shrimp and lemon grass and veggies and water and it's all mixed in a really spicey soup into this sort of broth thing. It's great. [Nick spent last semester abroad on St. Olaf's Term in Asia, and spent a month in Thailand.]

Favorite movie(s): This is going to be so emasculating. Let's see. I loved "Lincoln." That was a phenomenal film. I also really liked "Inception," that’s a really cool movie, blew my mind. Oh! And the Batman franchise. That's not so emasculating, is it? Except, well, okay, I’ll admit it. "Titantic" gets me going. I love that movie. Romantic.

Hobbies: I like to play the piano, and I'm in Ole Band [Nick plays the euphonium]. In the summer, when it's warm, I like to go jogging. And I love water sports, especially jetskiing. My cousin has a jetski!

Describe yourself in one word: Unique. Is that pretentious?

Call or text: Texting is so impersonal. You can’t get the tone of voice. It’s so weird.

What is your ideal date? Pamela McDowell (JUST KIDDING!). Probably dinner and going to jazz club. I love bonding over tunes.

Finish this sentence: A girl looks her best when... she’s natural.

What you want Ole women to know:  I want them to know I respect and support them. I’m all about those women's rights. Let ‘em have ‘em. But really, you're all great!