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Flights can be long and grueling. I’ve never been a fan of airplanes and if you’re like me, then going to new places can be hard. Over the years, I’ve grown better about my anxiety with planes. Here are my top 5 in-flight essentials that makes flights better for me. Before you head out to your spring break destination, consider bringing along these items with you to hopefully make the flight a bit more bearable and maybe even fun.



  • I feel like the obvious way to pass time, especially on longer flights, is to watch tv or movies. To me, flights are a great way to limit your technological use. Instead, read a book you just haven’t had the time to get to.

Face Mask/Lotion

  • Flights aren’t exactly the best for your skin. The high altitude can make your skin dry and scratchy. To combat this, I pamper myself on the flight. Putting on a face mask is my favorite to relax as well as keep my skin from getting too dry.


  • I like to listen to music on flights so having headphones is something I can never forget at home.


  • One of the reasons I dislike flights is that it causes your ears to pop. So on every flight I chew gum and it’s honestly helps so much.


  • I usually bring a large blanket scarf because it’s multifunctional. It can be used as a regular scarf, a blanket, as well as a pillow. Since it can get cold on planes, this is perfect to keep you warm and comfy at the same time.


*Cover Image Source: https://www.travelocity.com/Flights


I hope these items can make your next flight a bit better!




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