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Meet Tara Schaefle!

 Meet Tara Schaefle, Class of 2016!

What is your major(s)?
Theatre and Political Science
Where are you living this year? 
The Thinking Globally Acting Locally Honor House on Ole Ave
How are you involved on campus?
I am an active member in the theatre department shows, an executive officer of Pi Sigma Alpha (the Political Science Honor Society), and study voice through the music department. This year I am also involved in my Honor House project, which seeks to provide a peer-based environment to discuss study abroad opportunities and develop critical thinking skills concerning cross-cultural experiences.
Do you have a favorite memory from Olaf?
Cabaret, the department show that I’m currently in, will easily be an unforgettable experience for me. Not only has my role in the show been at the top of my bucket list as an actor for years, but also to be able to perform a show that is so powerfully relevant with a team of such kind, driven, and intelligent people is truly a privilege. I feel incredibly lucky to end my St. Olaf career on such a high note. 
What is the best thing you’ve learned during your time at Olaf?
The most valuable thing that I’ve learned at Olaf, on both a personal and professional level, is how to fight for what you want, let go of what you can’t control, and the fine line between the two. 
What do you plan to do following graduation?
After graduation I’ll be working in the Twin Cities for a year or two, hopefully in arts administration, before applying to grad school on the East Coast. 
Favorite Prof?.
Jeanne Willcoxon is not only the most brilliant woman I’ve ever met, but also a dear friend and mentor. The depth of her capacity to inspire, challenge, and enrich the autonomy of her students has helped me to develop as an academic, artist, and human being like no one else could’ve. 
Celeb crush?
Hugh Jackman will always have a special place in my heart, although Gael García Bernal is giving him a run for his money.
What do you think you’ll miss most about St. Olaf?
I’ll miss the immediacy of the community and resources. 
Any advice to the younger students?
Remember to love yourself unconditionally, even when shit hits the fan. 
Have you studied abroad, If so where?
I traveled to various place in England last January on the Theatre in London program, plus Dublin for a weekend!
Favorite Class at St. Olaf and why?
Feminist Theology, because it is the most brilliant synergy of feminism, faith, sexuality, and secularism.
Where is your favorite place on campus?
The quad in the fall. 

Photos used with permission from Tara

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