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Meet Rita Thorsen ’18!

Name: Rita Thorsen

Year of Graduation: 2018

Major/Concentration: Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies

Relationship Status: In a domestic partnership with Swannie Willstein <3

Favorite Place to Study: 4th floor lib or the cage for people-watching.

Hobbies: Dogs, drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee, the internet, losing my ID, doing fun outdoorsy things with my friends in hopes that REI will recruit us for an ad.

Favorite Sport: In general, cross country, but watching crew has a special place in my brain.

If you had to move to a different country, where would you move and why?: Somewhere in Northern Africa or the Middle East because I know next to nothing about those areas, and because I’d love to learn Arabic.

Favorite meal in the Caf and why?: Crispy tofu and potstickers are my absolute favorites, I go nuts. I’ve also been known to occasionally have marshmallow mateys for three meals in a row, major props to Malt-O-Meal.

Favorite Movie: The entire Fast and Furious franchise.

Favorite pick-up line: Hi, I’m Rita.

Favorite TV Show: Avatar: the Last Airbender or Bob’s Burgers.

Describe yourself in one word: Delightful.

Call or text?: Definitely text, calling is for some reason terrifying. Seriously, calling Domino’s is stressful enough to preclude me buying pizza.

What is your ideal date?: Something simple, like going for a walk and then you buy me lots of food and tell me I’m pretty. Or the midnight premiere of Furious 7 (it’s April 3rd, start planning).

Finish this sentence: A guy looks his best when… no comment.

Finish this sentence: A girl looks her best when… still no comment.

Anything else you want the people of St. Olaf to know?: Polar bear babies are smaller than human neonates, usually weighing slightly more than a pound at birth.

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