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Meet Li Downs, Campus Celebrity

Meet Li Downs, Class of 2019!
Where are you living this year? Kildahl hall 
How are you involved on campus? I run cross country and track and I’m the president of the public health branch of global brigades 
What has been your favorite part of Freshman year? My favorite part of freshman year was interim because I got study health care for a whole month without any other classes. Also it was a time I got really close with my friends.  
What is the best thing you’ve learned during your time at Olaf? The best thing I’ve learned at st. Olaf is time management is key! Especially when you have to balance sports, classes and clubs. 
What is your major? Nursing 
Favorite Prof? Kevin Crisp 
Celeb crush?  Umm Bobby Brown, the professional skier 
If you could name one person at Olaf to be the future president of the US of A, who would it be and why? Nate Webster! Because he is a aspiring politician, who knows everything about political science. I would definitely trust him with the US. 
Any advice to your fellow classmates? Take lots of naps! 
What is your favorite part of being involved in athletics? The community is the best part of being part of sto athletics. You really are a family and not just a team. 
Favorite Class at St. Olaf and why? Anatomy and physiology 143 because it’s fun to learn about the human body and why it functions the way it does! 
Where is your favorite place on campus? My favorite place on campus is the natural lands or on the track. I love these areas because they are a great place to get away from campus and run or be in nature. 
What do you think is the best way for freshmen to get involved on campus? Play sports! Or get involved in clubs! It’s easier to find people who have similar interests!
Photos used with permission from Li


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