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Meet Lars Midthun!

 Meet Lars Midthun, Class of 2016!!

Where are you living this year? Come to Linden!
How are you involved on campus? I am on the Alpine Ski team and most recently am on the cast of INBLACK April 20-23! You’re not going to want to miss it! I also enjoy sleeping in the quad on Saturday nights.
What is the best thing you’ve learned during your time at Olaf? Remember your values and don’t spend too much time studying. “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”
What do you plan to do following graduation? No road ahead… let the adventure begin. 
Favorite Prof? Charles Wilson
Celeb crush?  Well, according to the posters in my room: Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, J-Lo and Jackie Chan.
If you could name one person at Olaf to be a future president of the US of A, who would it be and why? Jaylen Jones. He gets people on the individual level. Also, he can take a step back to reassess a hostile situation. 
What do you think you’ll miss most about St. Olaf? When the trees are on the cusp of autumn, still green with flashes of red, and the scurrying of eager squirrels just looking for somewhere to bury their nuts. 
Any advice to the younger students? Though it may not seem so, the world is starving for human connection. Look up from your phones, visit your professors, and go on walks for the sake of breathing fresh air. 
Favorite Class at St. Olaf? My favorite class would be if I could combine Environmental Film and Intro to Acting.
Where is your favorite place on campus? Frolf course behind Hoyme. Just beautiful. or Hoyme Hall Room 309
What is your major(s)? Economics, Management Emphasis, Film Studies Concentration
Bowl or plate?  Hm. This is an interesting question. The real question is what am eating?   If a were to have a panini, definitely a plate. Pasta with no onion or tomato chunks just topped with a hearty meet sauce? Plate. Generally, in the bowls line, I would get a bowl. However, if there is a runny mixture of oriental meat/veggie combo but I also want rice, then I have no choice but to separate the two with a plate. You know what they say, “nobody likes their rice soggy!”
Photos used with permission from Lars Midthun


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