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Meet Kate Roy, Class of 2016!

Meet Kate Roy, Our Campus Correspondendt, Class of 2016!

What are your majors? Psychology and Dance!

Where do you live this year? I live in Ytterboe Hall in a pod with some pretty awesome people. 

Aside from Her Campus, how else are you involved on campus? I am the secretary for Psi Chi (International Psychology Honor Society), a member/dancer in the modern dance company on campus, Companydance, and an avid intramural inner-tube water polo player (Go Pooligans)! 
What is your role with Her Campus and what has been your favorite part of your involvement with it? My current role with Her Campus is as Campus Correspondent! My favorite part about being involved with Her Campus is being able to read all of the amazing posts from the fabulous St. Olaf writers! It has been such a joy to read St. Olaf's content and see how each writer's personal style shines through in her writing! I also love being a part of a nationally-recognized collegiate group – what a cool and rewarding experience! 
Who will be taking over your position next year? I am happy to announce that next year, Emily and Juliann will be taking over as St. Olaf's Her Campus Co-Campus Correspondents!
What will you miss most about Olaf? When I graduate I will miss a lot about St. Olaf, but I think what I will miss the most are the people. St. Olaf is filled with caring, loving, supportive, and passionate people, and it has been so inspiring to share campus with all of them. I will also miss the beautiful campus, 4th floor of Regents, dance classes, and the banana chips in the caf :) 
What are your plans following graduation? It's still a surprise! But here's what I know now – I'll be living in Uptown with some of my best friends and volunteering/doing research at local health clinics before enrolling in the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality and Healing next fall (for an M.A. in Wellbeing and Health Coaching)!
Favorite memory from Olaf? I can't say just one, so here are 5... Picnic on the Barby, #tradition at Carleton, winning the 2016 intramural inner-tube water polo championship game (Go Pooligans), studying abroad for a semester in Copenhagen, Denmark, and performing in Companydance. 
Any advice to the younger students?
Three things...
1. Surround yourself with loving and supportive people who allow you be yourself! 
2. Slow down and be intentional with your activities and interactions!
3. Always go to Paws for Finals! And I mean always. Dogs are magical. 
Favorite class you've taken and why? "Narnia and Beyond: The Theology of C.S. Lewis" because of how much I learned about C.S. Lewis and his theology AND because my professor wore a lion mask in class on the first day #Aslan #Narnia #TurkishDelight  
What is the best thing you've learned during your time here? I've learned to truly believe in myself.  
What part of Grad Week are you most looking forward to? Tubing down the Cannon River, going to the concert at the Grand, and chilling with the whole senior class for a few days. Yay seniors!  
Congrats on Graduating Kate! We will miss you!
Photos provided by Kate.
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