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Meet Jenn Bazzachini, Class of 2016

Jenn Bazzachini, Class of 2016: Nursing Major

1. What has been your favorite class at Olaf? Nursing Pediatrics. As part of the class we worked on a hematology/oncology floor at Children's hospital in Minneapolis twice per week.  
2. Do you have a favorite place on campus to hangout? The Caf. I'm the type that spends two hours eating dinner, and what's better than Carla's omelettes? 
3. Favorite campus activity? I am part of the St. Olaf Love Your Melon campus crew. LYM is an organization with a mission to put a hat on every child's head battling cancer in the U.S.. Half of the proceeds go towards cancer research and providing financial assistance to families with children undergoing treatment. 
4. What will you miss the most about being at Olaf? Next year I will miss my summer vacations! We have the rest of our lives to work, have fun while college lasts. Pause pizza is a close second. 
5. What is one thing you wish you could have done differently at St. Olaf? If I could go back and do it all again I would get more involved on campus. There are endless opportunities to get involved on campus and its the best way to get to meet new people. 
6. Have you traveled abroad? If so, to where? I spent the month of January my junior year studying sociology in Thailand! I highly recommend studying abroad.  
7. What was the most valuable lesson you learned from traveling abroad? I learned that the world isn't that small after all. There are so many places to see with people and cultures completely different from  my own. Thailand gave me the opportunity to meditate with Buddhist monks, ride elephants and even taste test insects at night markets. 
8. How did you like going to school with your sister and your Dad? My freshman year I planned to avoid my older sister (and Dad!) on campus at all costs. I quickly learned that he adjustment to college is tougher than social media will lead you to believe, and having family nearby made the bad days a little brighter :) 
9. Plans for post-grad? My dream is to work as a nurse in the Air Force. Fingers crossed I pass my Registered Nurse board exam! 
10. What do you like most about working with the women's hockey team? Due to injury I can no longer play on the women's hockey team, so I help student coach. I consider all 26 girls on the roster my sisters, and there is nothing better than an excuse to spend time with them at practice every afternoon. Not to mention I love the cute team apparel. 
Photos used with permission!
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