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Meet Amy Turner ’16!

Meet Amy Turner '16!

What are you majoring in?: Physics

How else are you involved on campus?: Ole Choir, Ultimate Frisbee, Physics TA, TRIO Mentoring, Elementary Honors Program Mentor, Soccer SuperFan, attending every possible sporting event​

Tell me about your plans for next year!: Next year, I'll be taking a gap year. I'll work for Seagate in their research facility, coach soccer, play soccer, play ultimate and hopefully do some singing!

What has been your favorite dorm to live in?: Ytterboe

Do you have a favorite caf food/combo?: Peanut butter toast with bananas on top. Gets the day started right :)

What have you loved the most about St. Olaf?: The people, and the pause cookies :)

Do you have a funny moment from your time at St. Olaf?: Freshman year, my roommates and I needed to go to Target. Someone told us that it was just a little ways past downtown Northfield. Naturally, we walked.. All the way to Target. On the side of the highway.. We even had to flag down a policeman to give us directions after mile two.

Any advice to current or future Oles?: If anyone EVER asks you, 'who's your favorite team?' The answer is ALWAYS, 'the OLES!'

Advice 2 - Remember, real bear hugs are fatal.


All photos used with permission from Amy! 

Maggie is a junior at St. Olaf, currently majoring in Spanish and Latin American Studies with a concentration in media studies.  She runs for the St. Olaf cross-country and track teams, writes for the school newspaper, and tries to do her homework in the downtime. Maggie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, biking, skiing, and swimming.  She's excited to be a part of the Her Campus community!  Um Ya Ya!
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